Now Offering:
The highly anticipated Diablo has released for sale direct from US and approved international distributors.

LaRocco PSR:
the PRII Matching International Power Supply. Transforms the already highly acclaimed PRII into a home amplifier while charging for portable battery operation.

SilC Interconnects:
LaRocco offers the SilC Interconnect cable. 10"-3m lengths avaialble. Straight or right angle RCA and Mini.
I use the finest Shielded Mil-spec Avionic conductors and Gold plated RCA's and Mini's.

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LaRocco Audio is a complete inhouse manufacturer of refined and truly singular audio equipment market today. The limited numbers we currently are capable of produceing cannot fill the demand the market has shown. We are ever evolving to become more able to satisfy this greatly appreciated customer interest and affection. Over the last months we have been building, training to further increase our output and keep the highest quality. I have built hundreds of amplifiers by hand and I can still remember every board if it returns to me. It is a strange phenomenon that I believe is what keeps people reaching for more of Phils circuitry and my Mechanical designs. It is what this is about for me and those that work with me. We wish to hear, see and feel every aspect of our science and imagination.


Philip LaRocco has devoted his life for the last 30+ years to the pursuit of his vision of audio. No gimmicks and an unwavering dedication propel his designs beyond what others would ever consider in complexity and integration. Conceptualizing and drawing from a vast mental library of the most advanced technologies associated with audio reproduction and the ability to think outside the box results in creating a piece of pseudo instrumentation / art in which every electronic node is scrutinized and optomized for its singular audio-electronic characteristic. This dedication and design practice produces unparreleled reproduction equipment even in a portable amp such as the Diablo and PRII.

Larry Milligan
LaRocco Audio