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The highly anticipated Diablo has released for sale direct from US and approved international distributors.

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The LaRocco Diablo symbolizes the accumulation of 2+ years of design and engineering. Every aspect of the Diablo is enfused with precision and performance. The Diablo is another symbol of LaRocco Audio's dedication to design.


The Diablo features:
: Bass Contour
: PANA (Linear Stereo to Mono to Reverse Stereo)
: Input Attenuator
: AC Rechargeable

All circuitry is protected from dust under the PCB in it's own enclosed chamber. Electro/Mechanical controls are factory sealed and functionaly protected from outside damage by the Aluminum enclosures precision mounts.


The structure of the Diablo has been designed to handle extreme handling and abuse of it's mechanical functions.
the control knobs are mounted sub-surface to avoid collision and accidental adjustment. The Knobs are suspended in precision alignment mounts to eliminate the possability of outside shock damage to the actuator shaft. Input and Output Mini jacks are steel encased for high strength.

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All LaRocco Audio creations are designed and constructed for lasting quality. No paint (silkscreen) is ever used on our enclosures. All text and graphics are engraved. If you want to scratch it away, you will need a chisel and safety glasses. The Diablo is encased in a precision machined 6061 Aluminum shell that is hand finished, anodized and assembled in the USA.


The Diablo Manual is available HERE: Some perameters may have change.