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The highly anticipated Diablo has released for sale direct from us and approved international distributors.
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The LaRocco PSR:
The LaRocco PSR: This PRII matching AC to DC supply is all that's required to make the PRII a complete home amplifier solution. This is a fully Regulated supply designed to deliver ripple free rock solid DC power to your PRII. The soon to come Diablo will also benefit from this elegant AC power solution.

The PSR features:

- Regulated Variable 16-20VDC output

- Toroidal Transformer for Low noise and effeciency.

- 8 Series connected Schottky Diode full bridge rectification for less DC ripple and noise than a cheap switching power supply.

- Linear User selectable International 120-240AC input via Internal Jumpers.

- IEC AC socket for use with all your high-end AC cables.

- LED Power and external Conectivity Indicators

- Matching PRII chassis

- 9-30VDC Custom Voltage Outputs Available for all your AC micro amp needs from other vendors.




SilC Series Interconnect cables

- The Finest Full Shield Milspec Avionic conductors

- High grade Gold plated Switchcraft Straight and Right Angle RCA's and Mini's

- 10 " to 3 meter lengths available.


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LaRocco HeadCode

2006 model photos

The LaRocco HeadCode: Please email for a consultation.
2007 model pre-order Starting at $1950.

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LaRocco PRII (mk2)

$510. + $10. Shipping within continental US. $35. International

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diablo S&B
3.5 X 2.5 X .85 inches of precision audio inside and out

$510. + $10. Shipping within continental US. $35. International

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LaRocco PSR "AC Power Supply"

The PRII on top of the PSR

$249. + $10. Shipping within continental US. $35. International

PSR Manual PDF : Requires: Adobe Reader